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At the Bulletin Board of the Church in the Upper Town you will witness an interesting scene between high Priestess and Altinay angry young man who hoisted on the Bulletin Board sheet, is clearly not any Altine. If you read what is written on the leaf, the house in the letter you would expect a more detailed explanation of proposed work – you have to deal with three groups of mercenaries of flint. These mercenaries have staged a coup in Starkhaven, killing almost all the members of the ruling dynasty. The only surviving member of the family, Prince Sebastian was the young man you saw at the Bulletin Board, for obvious reasons, burning thirst for revenge.

In accordance with the letter of mercenaries you should search for a night in port at Split Mountain near the camp doliska elves and on the Broken Coast. It’s not very strong opponents, and in the battles will not even be normal for this game repeated waves of enemies. Having dealt with all three groups, otraportuet Sebastian, who is in the Church. He will thank you and leave. This is your business with him in the first act will end.


(You must complete the quest Duty to in the second act you were published in the journal quest Repentance.)
In the second act, go to Church and talk to Sebastian. He found out who was behind the attack on his family and now wants to find out the reasons why it happened. To clarify you need a night to go to the manor of a Lord Harriman (if you joined the mercenaries Meirana in the prologue, the name might sound familiar to you) in the Upper Town.

After this conversation you can take Sebastian to the band as a constant companion. Sebastian – rogue-Archer. Unlike Varrick, you can change his weapon. He is also a romantic option for lady hawke, but his novel will remain purely Platonic, if you follow the path of Friendship. Competitive novel may end on a slightly more traditional note, while in the game no details (kisses, hugs, etc.) you still can not see.

When you decide that the time has come to deal with Harimanada, go to their house in the Upper Town. Inspect the room, along the way noting more than a strange behavior of the inhabitants of the manor. In one of the chests is an upgrade of armor for Sebastian.

When you go to the stairs in ozemale, you have the first battle with the shadows. In the dungeon you will constantly attack the shadows, the demons of rage and undead of all types and varieties, including the revenants. One of the corpses, pick up the Bow of Starkhaven a gift for Sebastian. Make your way further and you will find a lady Harriman engaged in a very interesting conversation with the desire demon allure. Respond as you see fit. If you choose “don’t listen to her!” you will get Rivalry points with Sebastian (and Friendship points with Anders and Merril).

This conversation always ends with a fight. With my team it seemed to me that it is much easier if you destroy the enemy in order – lady Harriman – all other – gait, but it depends on your favorite band and tactics.

After the battle go to the output. You will automatically talk to Flora. Regardless of your answers, she promised Sebastian in the future. If you do not show the part and choose the aggressive option of replicas, you will get Rivalry points with Sebastian.

Go back to Church and talk to Sebastian to complete the quest. You will receive points for competing with them if you advise to try to regain the throne of Friendship – if you support his desire to remain in the Church.

The Starkhaven Longbow (gift)

Give Sebastian a bow that you found in the dungeon of the manor Harriman. You will get Rivalry points if you choose this aggressive response and Friendship – if you choose the “diplomatic”. Sarcastic, too, will give you Friendship points, but smaller.

Questioning Beliefs

If your influence with Sebastian reached 50% in one direction or another, talk to him in the Church.


This quest appears in the third act. Listen to the conversation between Sebastian and Altinay, after which it will ask you to meet with agent White Priestesses, a “Sister Nightingale” to assure her that the situation in Kirkwall does not require military intervention from the outside.

This is a very small quest. Go to the Palace of the Governor of night, to cut to the ambush of the three mages and see a cameo of one of the companions Start. If during the conversation you will argue for “the crusade” against the mages of Kirkwall, you get Rivalry points with Sebastian.

Then come back and raportoitu Altine. You will receive Rivalry points with Sebastian, if you do not get to insist that she changed his mind (aggressive option). This quest will be completed.


the lock on the door leading to the throne room where a meeting requires the presence in the group of rogue with at least 30 Tricks.

Questioning Beliefs

Talk to Sebastian. Your agreement that it needs to follow the path of the Church will bring you Friendship points.

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