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Heath Wimmera

Once in place, listen to the opinions of his companions about what is happening and go forward. After a few steps you will hear the cries of “hawk!” and, if you are attentive, you will even notice on the dais several dwarves flee in the opposite direction. Going forward, you will meet with the Supervisor, who may ask, why should the Charter suddenly thirsted to deprive you of life, but little what it will achieve except vague phrases that somehow they desperately needed your blood. In addition, he mentions your father, and also the name that you have to repeatedly hear it in the future – Luminary. But for too long the dialogue will not work, because no matter what answers you choose, the Charter members will attack you.

Behind the warden and his assistants are two groups of archers who will be happy to pour your arrows. A few of the dwarves will come running in as reinforcements shortly after the battle started. This scheme will be most of the fights in the Legacy – as an alternative to appearing out of thin air right under your nose extra waves of enemies in the original.

From the body of the warden you can rent a good amulet for mage, especially if he uses the magic of fire – Eyes of Blue.

Go ahead. Behind the gate on some kind of gladiatorial arena, you will meet BRONTO, backed by groups of archers on the hill sides. BRONTO deals powerful damage and can easily aprocot your entire group, so try not to crowd together together. Remember that BRONTO little protection from fire, while the dwarves of the Charter are best treated with cold. The gates through which you passed to the arena slammed shut behind your back, so to apply a tactical retreat in this case will not work.

After the battle take the key from the gate that will open up the way for the next part of the path, in one of the boxes behind the wooden platform. Far from it read the entry for the Code, mentioning some of Malvernia. Another entry concerning it, is also behind the dais, directly on the opposite side from you. When you pass through the gate, then a few steps on the left side of the road you’ll find the third entry about it. After that, go forward and you will see in the distance the outlines of the fortress. Go to the next map.

Cliffs Wimmera

Go down the stairs into the courtyard of the fortress. Be careful – there are placed the trap. Downstairs you will be greeted by two BRONTO, and when you’ll get even with them, the building will run out a squad of gnomes of the Charter. Cleared the area of enemies, you will find that the large gate to the East is locked and can not be compromised. Down on the bottom steps and in an Old Box in a small corner in the South-East you’ll find the right key. Upon return of the stairs you will be attacked by the ambush from the warden of the Charter and about a dozen shooters.

If you survey the room to the North of the yard, then on exit you would expect a detachment of Riflemen of the Charter and of the two Killers. Fortunately, the part of the shooters standing directly on the trap that you can activate with your hand and cause serious damage.

Opening the gate, go down the stairs. Two master sniper will run out towards you. Take the time to gang up on them and follow them when they start to retreat – all the staircases and platforms scattered traps. Some melee will come to the aid of snipers in some time, but there will be little, and when you deal with the enemies, you can proceed to the next area – the Refuge of the Charter.

Asylum Charter

Asylum Charter consists of a series of narrow passages and small small rooms, of course, absolutely staffed by unfriendly gnomes. On the table in one of the rooms you will find an order from a local leader about you and your brother (sister) – if they’re still alive. In another room you will find the shoes set for your hero.
BRONTO sitting in one of the cages you can let loose, but do not expect gratitude – it immediately attack you.

Three are located next to the tiny closet in the South room, keep a small Treasury – the dimensions depend on what level your hero. The right door, with the greatest amount requires a higher grade in the breaking of locks (that is 40 Cunning or items that increase the ability of Hacking).

In the West corridor you will be greeted by Gurav. The conversation will be longer if in your group there is varrick, but in any case he will end the battle. Depending on which option you chose at the end of the conversation (personal or attacking) you can get 5 points of Friendship or Rivalry with Varrick. After the battle, if varrick in your group, you will find on the body Gerawa ring, wear which can.

A little further, you will face another squad of dwarves, including a master sniper and a mage. Near the magician is a statue of the Griffon – if you click on it, you will be transported back to Kirkwall. If you wish to sell found loot or buy anything from clothing (or, for example, to create more potions or bombs – Mercy Mitula may be useful in the future if you already got this recipe – and everything that can protect you from fire may also be useful) , then use that opportunity, for the more you this will not happen. Don’t open the door next to the statue until you finish all the cases and it will bring you to the “point of no return”.

When you wish to return, then click on the statue of the Griffon in your mansion or gamlen’s house – this will take you back to the Griffon statue in the Sanctuary of the Charter.

In the Shelter of the Charter in one of the chests you will find a Warm Globe that are marked as quest item. If you go back a couple of cards back to the arena where you are attacked first BRONTO, you will find there is a glowing idol, and after clicking on it – a “secret boss” of Malvernia. To make it appear, you will need: a) to have a Warm Bowl in your inventory and b) read all three entries of the Code Malvernia before.

The battle with Malvernia can be divided into three phases. In the first phase you need to get rid of standing on a wooden platform ghostly archers. It’s not as easy as it sounds because once you deal with the Archer on one side of the dais, he reincarnated on the opposite side. This happens several times, so that the most imminent way is to split the group and do both sides simultaneously.

In the second phase you will have to deal with Malvernia in the form of Secret Horror. In addition to shedding you different spells, including the Arsenal of Blood Magic, he has a nasty habit of teleporting from one corner of the arena to another. In the form of Secret Terror Malverns will call on the help of several ghosts, sometimes supported by a Demon of Rage (apparently, it could depend on the difficulty level) so you won’t be bored.

When you cause him enough damage, it will take its final form. The battle with this enemy is no different from the battles with other individuals of the same species – don’t stand before the mouth, beat the cold, keep your mages and archers as far as possible.

Victory over Malvernia will give you over 9000 experience points and a couple of good pieces – a ring and an amulet (although their value depends on at what level are your heroes).

Making sure you haven’t missed anything, go back to the door next to the statue of the Griffon and open it. You will be greeted by the boss of a Charter along with his BRONTO Wonkey and group of shooters. As with the rest of the dwarves, conversation with him will end the battle.

BRONTO may not run up to the upper level of the room, so I suggest to transfer the entire group to deal with arrows and the boss, and then slowly to do Vancou. Around the room are numerous traps and controls the levers – you can use them on your own. However, similarly they can use and your opponent, so if you wish to avoid damage from traps, then just stand on the platform leading to the upper tier (or put your mages and rogues as a warrior can choose where to transfer the damage from the traps).

After the battle you will receive the Key Hawk – weapon, which will depend on the profession and specialization of your Hawke. At the moment it’s not too impressive, but don’t worry – you will have the opportunity to improve it. Take the key and go to the lift which takes you to the next level.

Floor Sasamori

At the beginning of this level, you will see your chest for storage and a selection flag for the group. You will not be able to use the services of a dealer before you graduate from Heritage, so you can easily fold into a trunk all the things that you do not need. To the chest and a flag, you can return almost any time if the need arises, no one here will lock you doors.

After a while you will meet quite a large group geniokov. Deal with them, notice the three glowing print on the wall. If you click on them, the free-the elite the shadow of the magical barrier. The shadow itself is not so terrible, but she can call in to help the other Shadows.

After defeating the Shadows listen to the mysterious Ghost. This will give you the quest “last will and Testament of Malcolm”. Carver or Bethany if they are in your group, add additional comments to what is happening.

In the room before the bridge you will be attacked by another ambush from geniokov, but not so numerous as the first.

On the bridge you will meet a individual in rusty armor. Listen to it, respond as you see fit, and pass forward to the first seal. You don’t have to equip the Key Hawke to activate it to have it in inventory is enough.

After activation of the print you will be attacked by the Demon of Pride is his fire subtype. Beware of the glowing circles on the floor – if you linger in them, please in some semblance of the Crushing Prison. Much harm is this in itself will not bring, but you will be completely paralyzed.

After defeating the Pride Demon, talk with Larius, select which bonus you want to give your signature weapon and move on. At the next bridge you will wait Genlock alpha Genlock gunship with a huge tower shield. It can carry out attacks similar to the attacks the Ogre to run and topple over to the ground everyone who got in the way, causing very sickly damage. Fortunately, this type geniokov not too protected against attacks from the back – even the most ordinary shots in this case, cause him additional harm. Also he’s not too good resistance to spirit damage. Accordingly, a frontal attack is not the best method, it’s damage absorption in this case is very large.

Deal with it, go to the lift and go to the next level of the fortress.

Floor Farel

Almost immediately as you start to explore this level, you will see the familiar scarlet print on the wall. In this case, only two of them are next to each other, the third you can find a little further on, in the room where you will be attacked by an ambush of undead. After the massacre with the initial ambush, you have to deal with the emissary geniokov and another group of the dead, awaiting you in the next room.

After the battle activate printing. You have to fight with the elite Possessed and a group of his assistants. After the battle, listen to Ghost (and comments Carver and Bethany, if they’re in your group).

A group of shooters-the creatures of Darkness under the leadership of Harlock alpha (magician) will be waiting for you a little further. On the table in the room East from where you fought with them, you will find the Crown Domata. This will give you the quest “Altar Dumat”.

Follow further North. After the ambush of Gerlachov in the most northeastern room, you’ll see scarlet print. Like last time, only two – the third is a little farther, though as an exception to any ambushes about her not this time. Activation of the seals will be released from behind the magic barrier, the Demon of Desire, which will call to his aid a squad of undead. After the battle listen to the final speech of the Ghost. If your group is Carver or Bethany in the conversation then you can obtain Friendship points or Rivalry with them. You will also receive a weapon for Carver or Bethany, or belt for yourself if they are not in your group.

Follow along and soon you start fighting an ambush from the creatures of Darkness and Goloka-alpha, backed by Harlock-alpha. Go East from the room where you fought the Harlock-alpha. A small hallway will be a dead end with two small cubicles. In one of them you will find the Sacrificial Dagger Dumat.

On the bridge, which is located a little further, you will be greeted Genlock alpha and an Ogre. Over the bridge with this lovely company is located the room with the second seal. The demon of Pride, appearing after its activation, has a habit of splitting up on the copy after you pay him a certain amount of damage. Be careful and choose his target the demon with the long stretch of life since the destruction of the copies to him no harm will not bring.

After the battle, select which bonus you would prefer on your personal weapons, and move on. Larius will share with you another piece of information about the Luminary beyond the room with the seal.

More on this floor there is nothing interesting, so go to the next level.

The Foot Of The Tower

A little ahead, you will see a group Glubinah Pursuers. Be careful – they are not as frail, as were their counterparts in the Beginning. Deal with them, turn to the South, and in a small alley you will find the log page of the First Legionary. Varrick will add comments to what is happening, if it is in your group.

Going a little further, you will find an ambush of Goloka alpha, Harlock alpha and multiple shooters. In a dilapidated building in the East side of the battlefield you’ll find a page from the history of the Second Legionnaire.

After going up and down the stairs, you will be of a sarcophagus placed in front of him six torches. Your companions will comment that these torches, there is something suspicious. As you probably guessed, you need to solve a small puzzle to open the sarcophagus. Each torch lights up in certain places, so experiment to find the correct order. (The fastest way to light all the lights the second torch to the right and to the left if you’re standing at the door face to the sarcophagus.) The resolution of the puzzle will bring you gloves set Grey warden.

Go back and climb down the stairs. In her the end you will find a Ritual Scroll Domata.

The altar Dumat is located in the most South-Western point of this card, but yet you still too early to go there. Continue the path East. On a relatively large open space you have to fight with a large group of spiders and Deep Stalkers. To the South of the battlefield you’ll find a page from the diary of a Third Legionnaire, a little to the North-East of it – the Sacred Urn Domata.

Now go to the Altar Dumat. You can choose the option to bring him an offering you have collected the four sacred objects (a crown, a dagger, a scroll and urn). This will give you a reward relatively good amulet and bring 10 Rivalry points with Fenris. If you decide to damage the altar, you get 5 Friendship points with Fenris and you have to fight with a Shadow and two Demons of Rage. Bethany and varrick would not object to any of your choice. In both cases, the quest “Altar Dumat” will have completed.

Continue North-East to the bridge where you will wait Genlock alpha and a few shooters. Before the bridge in a small cul-de-SAC you will find the body of a dwarf, and if hawk is already found(a) all three journal entries of the members of the Legion of Death, it(a) will be able to speak befitting farewell speech, incredibly retroraw this Varrick (though of influence points you will receive) and finish the quest “the Perfect Heir”.

Bridge over a fork. If you proceed in an easterly direction, at the end of the road you will find a very interesting account of the code of Kirkwall, and on the way back you will have to wait for the ambush of Goloka alpha, Harlock alpha and the Emissary with several arrows into the bargain. Also, if you have Anders, you will get a little surprise with his participation.

If you proceed in a westerly direction, this will lead your group in a room with a third seal. The demon of Pride that appears when you activate it, it can change forms – from poisonous to fire – and can be divided into a greater number of copies than its predecessor. At the end of the battle choose the most suitable bonus for your personal arms and go further.

On the bridge you’ll meet Larius, and later you will join a group of Grey wardens. Listen to Ganeko and decide whether you take her or Larius. Bethany, Carver and Fenris will give you 5 points of Friendship if you will support the Larius, and varrick and Merril – 5 points of Competition (and Vice versa). Having made the decision, you are automatically transported to the next level of the dungeon.

Floor Rhiannon

Passing this level will be a little different depending on, whether you took the side of Larius or Janaki.

If you sided with Larius:

Almost immediately after entering Larius will tell you about the secret protection mechanisms at this level and will be offered to enable them to hold Janeco. Click on the design, designated as the “Point of Force”, and move on. In a large hall, filled similar to the first mechanisms, Larius will warn you not to touch anything. However, the group of dwarves Charter will run out to meet you and after a short speech, activates mechanisms, blocking the exit of the hall. Once you are finished with the dwarves, Larius will remember that the streams of force have joined together to open the barrier.

It’s not too difficult puzzle. Most of the flows have already joined and just want to “fix” the gaps between them. On each column there are two points to take the stream and send it on. All you need to do is rotate the column so that one point was getting orange light, and the other was sent to the next column, then rotate the next column in the same way, etc.

Move on. Another group of dwarves Charter will attack you. In the room East of the battle site you will find the entry Code – one of them will mention the missing helmet of the commander of the Grey wardens. In this same room, there is a Point of Strength. Activate it.

Now, if you go back to the room with the pillars, you will see that in addition to white jets, the columns on the second row of power points now through the blue stream. You need to do the same manipulations with the orange light. Why? Go to the North-West of the map and you will see that the part of this level is separated from you by a blue barrier (and if you look for it, you will see a little further on and red).

To activate the red thread in the hall with columns, walk into a room, which is located just below the Northern most room (you don’t have access to it at the moment, but the map it’s visible) on the map and activate there point of strength. Now back to the room with columns and complete with blue light and then with red – the same manipulation that you did with orange. When you connect the red light, all the streams become white. Go to the southern part of the map and in the southernmost room, activate the last point of strength. You will get experience and all barriers in the North-Western part of the map will disappear. Go there, and in a chest in the Northern room you’ll find the helmet from the set of Grey warden.

Now it’s time to go to the Western part of the map. Behind closed doors you will be greeted by Janek’s. After a short speech, she called a revenant and three Secret Terrors and disappear.

Personally, I was most convenient to deal first with Secret Horrors, starting with the Healer, and at the end to engage a revenant (benefit Larius immediately strike at him and no problem holding his attention during the battle), but that’s to your taste and depending on your group and favorite tactics.

This is the final battle at this level and if you’ve already examined the rest of the floor, you can move on to the next.


This level is very small. On the bridge you’ll meet Larius or Janek’s – depending on which side you chose to take. They will tell you some details from the past is your ally, and you have to take the final decision to remain on the side of the ally or go to the other side. If you decided to stay with its previous decision, then you have to battle with the Grey wardens, under the leadership of Janaki or Larius. If you decided to change his ally, he(a) will be killed(a) on the spot, and you will avoid the battle. Varrick, Bethany and Fenris to your decisions will not react.

Activate the final seal and meet the one of whom you have heard so much – Luminary. After a very interesting conversation about the origin of this individual will follow the final battle.

The battle with the Luminary is divided into several phases. In the first phase after you remove it a certain number of lives, he moves to the center of the room and cause the two jets of flame that will rotate around the room clockwise. Fire should be avoided – it causes massive damage. If you stand on the steps that lead to the four statues, you will receive less damage, but they will still be quite substantial. The least damage you will get if you stand on the top of the steps.

To Luminary has stopped spewing flaming jet, you need to activate the four statues in the hall. Once activated, each you are attacked by two Shadows. Every time you kill one of the Shadows, it will restore some health to all members of the group so you can try to calculate their attacks to kill them after you pass the jet flame. As safer (albeit more costly) alternative – you can just follow the fire, activating the statues, never staying in one place for more than a couple seconds and destroy the Shadows from a distance, trying not to get hit by the flames at all.

After the destruction of Shadows and activate the statues Luminary leaves the center of the room and you’ll be able to attack it. Once you remove it the next portion of health, he will return to the center, and the room will grow boulders, which greatly impedes free movement. Also he will be back to spewing a jet of flame. Tactics in this case will, in principle, the same as before – activate the statue, kill the Shadows, but be careful – your party members can get stuck between the stones when you move and get under the flame where it is not planned.

After activating all the statues of the scenario will repeat itself again. Luminary will be available for the attack, but after losing the next portion of health back to the center of the room. Now, in addition to boulders and flames you have to avoid electrical discharges between the stones and the randomly falling icicles, which in addition to the damage from cold also slow your speed.

After the third time you will understand with statues and shadows, you will finally be able to kill the Luminary. From his body you remove the last part of the set of Grey warden. If your group is Anders, you will also get an amulet for him. You will also have the opportunity to receive Friendship points or Rivalry with Anders. At the end of the conversation you can reply “It changes nothing” for Friendship points, or “It’s true, not a fairy tale” – for the points Competition.

After the battle, talk with Larius or Jancou (and note the change in the tone of both) and watch the final movie (which will vary considerably depending on what act you were a Legacy), first with Varrick and Cassandra, and then with members of your family. You can receive up to 25 points of Friendship with Carver, if the last conversation will select all diplomatic options.

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