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That came Dragon Age 2. After it, try to remember that you have three days ago was life, to understand that 39-40 hours you spent in Criolla and realize what is your impression of the second part of the role play, first Chapter of which we chose the game of the year in 2009.

40 hours were not in vain. The game left a good impression and gave a variety of emotions, it is a pity that there were no annoying bugs. To be honest, for a full review would need to spend 120 hours, but unfortunately, living in the real world does not allow me enough to delve into Dragon Age 2 (there are other obstacles). So that the material can be considered the first look of a man who passed the game.

First things first – the versatility of the adventure. The authors took into account the experience of the Witcher, the first part of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Of course, to confirm some guesses, you have to beat the game again with another class, but the variability and the opportunity to play the game otherwise almost taste it. This helps the flow of the plot. The story is told as if one of the participants in adventure – dwarf Varrick. He is questioned by the Templar who is very concerned about the problems of the order and in serious trouble, a catalyst which indirectly made the story of Hawke. The biography of the protagonist is served in the form of several lengthy stories about key periods of the life of the Defender of Kirkwall. This allows you to show the consequences of your actions and decisions not in the next game, as in the case of lightning-fast Mass Effect and in Dragon Age 2, which is reminiscent of the Witcher.

With the factor of the personality of a gnome as a narrator, there is one great scene in the game, it is a pity that the “witness” only one, and we don’t see how could look the story through the eyes of other team members.

Passing game for the mage, I feel that for the first time, the choice was made right, because mages are one of the Central elements of the conflict. As, for example, a thief, it is difficult to understand the depth of the contradictions that afflict hawk in connection with the main story of the game. Surely the other classes has its advantages. It is also felt in jobs, meetings with old friends and enemies. A game so often shows that you could have done differently that you were wrong, and that the choices you have are often to do, much harder than the first part. If you could some tricky situations to bring to a perfect finish, you can choose to have often and to kill too. A lot of good people die because you had no choice. The story became more Mature and more violent. But Hawk don’t need to save the world like the hero of the first game. His life and the fate of the city enough for the eyes.

You’re skin feel, I didn’t have to cut off the storyline, or Vice versa to get rid of problems before (on the possibility of additional trouble implying undisclosed “achieve”). To leave or to get rid of a partner step sooner or later. To join with him in conflict, or make friends. By the way, both options have their advantages. Unless the opposition can deprive you of a good fighter later in the game. So I want to try out new approaches, to know what you will get if you do otherwise. Feel the pleasure that you have helped good people, but most understand that the nice characters in the game are very few. Many shades of gray and variations of the stories of Kirkwall is the strong point of the game. Emerge and decisions from the first part, if you use a saved game (in my case this is especially true because the Savior of Ferelden I had a mage). Of course, the main event you change almost not, but this does not mean that your actions have little impact on the world.

However, to praise the job will not, after all, influence the world and moral content, they have an extremely simple structure. Rarely you will have to do something unusual. The best part is Hiking in a certain direction with periodic contractions on the way. In the end, you will find a serious fight or a conversation that will likely end with a fight. The conversation will affect the composition of the fighting or occasionally on the fact of the fight, but often have to fight. The original structure job is not as much as I would like. The impression that the writers have worked better than the creators of the structure of the quests. Interesting good reasons to get involved enough, and the rate of release of a good job, you almost always have more jobs to choose from that supports high-paced game and allows you to diversify the story.

It saves some laxity of emphasis. A lot of very interesting fights and stories are the consequences of unattractive laces, and a division into important and unimportant tasks linked to the story and not the duration and attractiveness of the quests, so we recommend not to miss the opportunity to get more work. A little to the side of the face of the task associated with partners. Some of them affect the main thread of the plot, part leads to some interesting fights and stories, but often it is only talking with friends/rivals. But conversations are important because in addition to receiving the task will affect the attitude of friends because of say.

The more that we can safely say that the change in dialogue system did not affect their substance and meaning. Yes, the fear that the approaching Mass Effect 2 can simplify the dialogs (not their contents, and your role) existed, but the lessons learned mentioned games right. Upper right choice is usually responsible for the peaceful option, but not quite. Not to be confused in options, icons indicate the direction (if brief text description seems vague). Icons are not always the same. Most often it will be the choice of peace-loving, witty/sarcastic and aggressive variant, but there are other areas of your phrases. Some of the options are without prompting, particularly affecting branching storylines. Occasionally you will be able to take advantage of their authority/mind/professions or to provide to solve the traveling companion. Not always of these options are ideal. The main thing that distinguishes the dialogue of Dragon Age 2 from the recent Bioware games is the lack of “parties of power”. You can choose a suitable option without fear reach “Nirvana” or “iron fist”. Of course, inclined to peaceful options will rarely aggressive, but are pleased that the use of brutality does not harm your image (although the good characters are getting more jobs because they do not chop off some branches ahead of time). Your choice in the dialogue affects the relationship with your partners, which makes sense. If you throw another smuggler or arrest of the magician in the presence of the fighter for the rights of wizards, they won’t like it. In extreme cases, in a controversial job not to take those whom your actions will be like a knife to the heart. A nice bonus is that the answers are really sarcastic often witty. It is a pity only, no interrupts conversations in the spirit of Mass Effect 2.

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