Dragon Age 2 — A man can do no more than he can

BioWare, as you know, the broom does not bind. Founded in Canada by three former doctors from the very beginning, let alone perfect games. Based on the role-playing system, Dungeons & Dragons, the RPG has offered rich opportunities for deep character development and the story the plot was always at least intriguing. And even in the secondary quests, it was impossible to meet the task in the spirit of “kill five wolves and bring me their tails”, which are usually roll down RPG like Two Worlds 2 or Korean MMO.


The main character with the name hawk is the only breadwinner in the house. After the death of his father and caring brother to war, he left to farm with her sister and mother. An unexpected plague took them all. Once out of the ground like the locust in Gears of War, began to creep out of the Darkness, the family had to escape without packing suitcases. Hope for salvation — the city Kirkwall, it is there from Ferelden floating all survivors. Attitudes towards refugees in the state is not better than bed bugs — no one wants them on cordon and some of them leave to sleep in the port. And the city itself is exhilarating. On the streets of dozens of the poor, the slave trade is booming, districts are divided into upper and lower, and at night to roam the streets, even afraid of the guards, clad in armor.

The plot of Dragon Age 2 in common with the original story and chronologically corresponds to the final. This means that we happen to know about the heroism of the Grey Warden. As in Mass Effect 2, at the beginning of the adventure, you can select the expected completion of the first part. For those who want to hear more details, authors are allowed to upload their save. Sorry, but a lot of information to get will fail — the writers seem to have deliberately refused to carry out a more tangible connection, decided to start from scratch. The story itself, in the manner of Splinter Cell: Conviction, retold another Hawk as if after the incident. The narrator, dwarf Varrick, he is still the storyteller sometimes likes to embellish (and even invent). A good trick to amuse the player.

As before, allowed to choose the gender and class character. The warrior relies on his sword and heroic power, mage lightning strikes stealthily and very weak health, and the rogue prefers frontal attack strikes in the back. On the other parameters stingy. Now you can not choose a race and a biography, and the set of characteristics consists of a meager six points. Another thing — ability. At first, this number of skills is discouraging, because BioWare added to the previous list a few more ways to kill the enemy. Speeding up the battle, the authors made the game more violent, so the process like some Darksiders.

Tell me who your friends are

The relationship with the Dragon Age: Origins is minimal. The second part is much further away from Neverwinter Nights or Baldur’s Gate and lowered the camera closer to the back of the hero. Now, to look around the room, you have to look around and control your character much easier with keyboard than mouse clicks. Although someone need to talk, still selected with the cursor. The dialog wheel is moved here directly from Mass Effect 2, and for the convenience of the replica, in the style of Alpha Protocol are marked with special icons: “ask a question”, “sarcasm”, “hostility” and so forth. There’s no mocking of the timeline, he wanted to think about the phrase — please. After selection of the “right” answer — the key to good relationship comrades. As in Knights of the Old Republic, companions are not shy to Express their thoughts and some conversations you can ask for friendly advice. Unfortunately, the interactivity of the dialogues not the same as in Mass Effect, but watch out for the spores of the heroes are now much more interesting than before.

Study partners is a key merit of the writers. The younger brother of Carver — always looking at the relative bottom-up. The boy wants to be a little higher in the eyes of the mother, and therefore, in the future, expect trouble. Fatal beauty Elizabeth — tested more men than mugs of ale at the bar. She is a former pirates once lost my ship and now passionately looking for a mysterious relic. Broad-Avelin — lost her husband in battle. She blames his death itself, and even after several years continues to be a faithful spouse. Touchy Merril — left kin-the elves. Entangled in historical roots, she caught the trick of the demon and now a blood mage. The dwarf with his stupid son, half-breed, Yes, the mysterious old woman of Flemeth. But opportunities to have an affair and get other people’s skeletons out of the closet enough.

However, those who do not want to mess with his friends, find other entertainment for the soul. While the hero does not rise on legs, will have to perform dirty tasks. Local gang Blades offers the work “kill and don’t ask questions”, someone asks you to smuggle goods or to return the escaped mages home. Almost every quest is a heavy moral choice, because the victim can sometimes offer much more than the customer. Deal with destiny — is not uncommon, and you’ll never know, what in future will result in a “no” answer. The authors did a really great job of optimizing the instructions and now get lost in the book very difficult. Chose an attractive job, clicked on the map marked the place, and here the hero is already in place!

Too easy

Unfortunately, the simplification did not only affect jobs. Dragon Age 2 is sorely lacking in fine detail. Sometimes quests over a simple remark, the scenery is mired in the monotony, but friends, now you cannot change armor. Someone of your teammates needs to talk and wants to ask you a favor? Line in the menu will deprive the player of any intrigue. And, like in Dragon Age: Origins, the designers never allowed himself to return the hero in the same place twice. Here the same locations so small that the character can carry in the same places dozens of times. Darkened map.

In Origins and Awaking a player could feel a part of something big and were moving around a huge blood-stained country. Here the opportunity is taken away, the scale was reduced significantly. Instead of the epic — a series of misadventures from the life of a single poor guy. Before encyclopedia with a description of the items, races, cities, and mythology I had to read in a dirty notebook. Now — a simple main menu. Dragon Age 2 is an interesting adventure, but done without a scope. However, the development of depth, not breadth also has a right to exist…


  • believable, distinctive characters,
  • some quests worthy book pages,
  • great voice.


  • a small number of locations,
  • the monotony of the grey city,
  • the plot is valid only to the middle of the game.

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