Act I: investigations into non-storyline quests – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bone Pit

This quest you get from the letter Atenril/Meirana, if you check my Desk for some time after the beginning of the first act. Your former employer has recommended you as a potential hireling for a Hubert. To learn more about the issues mentioned Hubert meet him at the market square in the upper City.

Hubert will offer you to explore the mines, referred to as the “Bone Pit”. For reasons unknown to him, all work on these mines ceased some time ago, and he is unable to communicate with their miners.

Following to the mines, destroy the two groups of marauders and go inside. There you immediately see a whole army of baby dragon at the head of an adult male. Defeating them, examine the cave and head up the stairs, where you are waiting for some more cubs with my dad. Kill them all.

A bit further you will meet the frightened worker Jansen, who said that in the other side, where you go, there is another huge dragon. You can try to persuade Jansen to fight, but better to let him go. Go to the edge of the Bone Pit – dragon will be down to you. This Is An Adult Dragon. But not the Highest – that is, it is a little bigger and stronger dragons inside the mine, but not much.

The battle with the dragon is not too different from the battle with the Ogre in the prologue of the game. In fact, it is even easier, as only one – and that is a rarity in this game. His fire attacks are fairly easy to Dodge, although his roar can stun nearby party members. Also, it can pull up who is in the distance. But if it is time to thresh it with a melee, from time to time running around, dodging his attacks, he mainly engages them and pays little attention to the archers and mages if they stay out of the way. With dragon you can remove the Dragon’s Fang, you need to complete the quest “Assignments Herbalist”.

After the battle go back to Hubert, which Jansen already told you about dragons (though he didn’t believe him) and we receive the reward. Hubert gives a reward of 3 gold in any case and offers you a full partnership in the possession of the mine. Your decision to accept it or not, but in any case, this quest will be over.

Get Back to Work

You receive this quest from Hubert in the end of the quest “the Bone Pit”. Persuade the frightened mine workers to come back.
The workers finds in the Lower Town near the tavern, “the Hanged man”. You can talk to them anything to get them back to work. If you promise them a doubling of salary and choose an ironic answer when you report to Hubert, you will receive Friendship points with Varrick.

Was Your – was Our (Finder’s Keepers)

This quest you get “Hanged” from a friend Izabela Martin, if you talk to Isabela on the quest “When Izabela”. Martin lost his load after his ship was attacked by pirates, and suspects that now it (the cargo) is located in the port of Kirkwall. If you ask around a bit more of Martin, he acknowledged that he had participated in plundering raids, but has since repented, and settled down eager to begin the life of an honest man. If you agree to help him, you’ll get Friendship points with Avelin and Isabela.

Go to the Port in the daytime. The movers will advise you to contact the harbormaster, who in turn will pass your concerns to his assistant Aden. Aden for services require a bribe, and if you agree, you will receive points for competing with Avelino. But he doesn’t have to pay. Come back here at night and you will be able to read the documents on the Desk of the head of the port, from which you learn the location of the desired cargo (this will be offered Isabela, if she comes in during a conversation with Adenomas, but even if you will not, you will still find documents if you come back here at night).

Anyway, you will know that desired goods are in the warehouse in the Eastern part of the port. Go there. Inside are placed a few traps, and you wait two ambushes – one close to the chest with a load, the other at the door when you go out. Both groups of attackers will have in their ranks a murderer, so be careful.

Go back to Martin with a report and a sample item from the chest. After a short dialogue, you will have the choice to refuse to reveal the location of Martin’s cargo (you will receive Friendship points with Avelin and Rivalry with Isabela, but Martin will leave a “Hanging man”) or to tell him everything as it is (Avelino in this case did not react, and are grateful to Martin a little later, turn in an additional merchant). You will also receive Friendship points with Isabela and Varrick.

The First Victim/The First Sacrifice

In the market square of the Upper Town you can read the announcement of Gislaine De Carraca, searching for his missing wife. The victim’s husband is in the same area (up the stairs). You’ll find him arguing with the guards, who think the disappearance of his wife a family and their intervention is not required. Ghislain will tell you that his wife Ninette loves the company of men and most likely fled to one of his lovers – but her relatives suspect in her disappearance abandoned spouse, and so Ghislain wants to find missing woman in order to absolve themselves of all possible charges. (You’ll get points Rivalry with Isabela, if you agree to help him.)
The only tip he can give is the elf of Jiten who works nights in a brothel “Blooming rose” in the Upper Town. Ninette was his regular customer. If you ask the elf, he will say that he had not seen Ninette’s been a few weeks and she recently asked Templar named Emeric. Citan will inform you that Templar should be sought to the Cesspool. Go there.

At the specified location to Emerick (and you) will be attacked by several robbers. Protect Templar, and he automatically talks to you after the fight. Emerick will tell you that he is investigating the case, suspects that it is due to the disappearance of several women, including magician of the local Circle, Maren. At the end of the conversation he will give you his notes, which was done in the course of the investigation.

From the records of Emeric, it follows that traces Maren are in old foundry (the Lower City). Go there at night and you will see how in a doorway on the second floor hiding a mage. Following this, we’re attacked by ghosts, and the possessed, headed by the demon of desire. Defeating them, climb up and in the pile of human remains, locate the ring of Ninette.

The results of the investigation need to tell the Templars in the Dungeons Emerick and husband of Ninette in the Upper Town. If you say that the ring you removed with the severed hands, Gislain refuse to take it and it will be your quest reward. If you say nothing about the details and just give a ring get the money from him. You can also tell about what happened Gitano, but no reward for this do not get.

A letter with the Instructions/An Errant Letter

On the body of the dead girl-the magician Olivia that you had to kill, following the story quest “the Prodigal Son”, you find a letter addressed to the Templar Trask. Give the letter to the addressee (Trask is the Dungeons), and either promise him not to reveal his secret, or demand a bribe for silence. Isabela is indifferent to your choice, and the one who will approve your demand bribes, there will be a Fenris – the others will give you points of Rivalry.

In any case, it will complete this quest.

The Unbidden Rescue/The Unbidden Rescue

In a shopping Plaza near trader Jean-Luc read the announcement of a reward for the return of the missing son of the Vicar and go to the Palace of the Governor, to talk to Seneschal bran. However, having reached this place, you will find that is ahead of you: bitchy kind lady named Ginnis, head newarray mercenary gang “Winter”, also set out to get a reward for the kid. After she left bran will tell you that Samus Marlowe disappeared, but shortly before it nearby saw Kunar. If your group is Avelin, you may ask, why was this not handed over to the city guards and get the Friendship points. If you refuse orders, you get Rivalry points from Avelin.

Bran will direct you to the Ragged Coast. Go there. Guinness you already ahead – you’ll catch her interview with seriously disturbed Samosa.

A conversation with Guinness will end the battle, after which you will have to fend off two waves of attackers – the first will be headed by the Commander of the Mercenaries (strong melee), and secondly for a change in addition to the Commander will be the Killer Mercenaries.

Then you can take the kid to the father. If your group is Avelin, you will earn Rivalry points, supporting in the conversation of the father or son – and Friendship points if you don’t support any of them, saying that it’s not your business or that they are both wrong.

Magistrate’s Orders

This is the job you will receive from the magistrate Vanard in the upper Town, near the Church. Say that about your previous activities, he will give you instructions to bring back a fugitive. Mandatory condition – the offender must be brought in alive. On the question of what crime was committed escaped, he escaped with the vague statement that the prison is a good enough offense.

Go on that you on the world map a new location. When talking to the soldiers guarding the ruins of the magistrate to interrupt the elf Elren. From him you learn that made a fugitive. Elren will require you to kill a villain, citing the fact that the court will probably let him go because his crimes do not apply to people, but only elves.

You can promise Elreno to fulfill his request or not is up to you to nothing will oblige and you can change the decision if we want to.

Go inside. In the ruins inhabited by spiders, bandits and the undead. With one of the poisonous spiders you can remove the silk Gland is the ingredient necessary for Solicitous on the quest “Assignments Herbalist”.

Cleaning of the territory, you’ll find Leah, the daughter Elrena – despite fears to the contrary, quite alive, although badly frightened. She will tell you a little about the kidnapper and tell him to go to him snihoditelnogo. As in the case of Elreno, your promise of the girl to anything you do not oblige.

Just a few steps after meeting with the young elf is a couple of traps, and along with them – an ambush of undead. Kill them and move on. In the Central room you expect a lot of ambush of spiders and the undead, led by a Secret Horror. After dismantling them come forward – and you will find Caldera – the so-called criminal.

Kelder will tell you some interesting information about the magistrate and ask to kill him (that is himself, not a magistrate). If you decide not to do it, you will get a raise in Rivalry with almost all associates. If you don’t want to commit the act themselves, Fenris will offer their services. It is a little what impact, except a bit understated Friendship points with Isabella and the lack of PAL points from Avelin (compared to 5 points, if you kill Kelder themselves). Others still, will you do it yourself or not.

If you decide to leave Caldera alive, he’ll run down the hall and to catch up with him, you’ll have to fight with a powerful group of undead led by the revenant.

If you killed Caldera, Ellen will give you a reward as 1 gold, but Vanard for obvious reasons you will be very unhappy and went away, muttering threats under his breath, although no negative effects for the player in the future will not do. If you spared Caldera, then the same amount will give you the magistrate. You can blackmail him by disclosing his secrets for extra gold if you want (it will bring you glasses of Rivalry from Avelin).

For the liberation of Caldera:

  • Bethany: +5 rivalry
  • Carver: +5 rivalry
  • Merrill: +10 rivalry
  • Isabella: +10 rivalry
  • Avelin: +10 rivalry For the murder of Caldera:
  • Bethany: +5 friendship
  • Varrick: +5 friendship
  • Avelin: +5 friendship (only in the case if you are not allowed to kill the Fenris)
  • Merrill: +10 friendship
  • Isabella: +15 to friendship, or +10 friendship if you give Fenris to kill If you require a reward for the killing of Caldera from Arena:
  • Avelin: +5 rivalry For receiving money from Vananda(without requirements):
  • Avelin: +5 rivalry If you require Vanard keep the secret after the liberation of Caldera:
  • Avelin: +10 rivalry If you say Vanaru that he left his money:
  • Avelin: +5 friendship
  • The job of the Herbalist/Herbalist”s Tasks
  • This quest gives you a herbalist Solicitous in the Dungeons, or you can get it, if you find any of its interesting ingredients (two of them can get to talk with Solicitude).

Solivita need:

  • Iron Bark.

The last ingredient you can only find after a conversation with Saivism.

Go to the dalish camp and ask the wizard Aylen on Iron Bark. Then on the world map, you will have a new location. There you will meet a large group of Darkspawn headed Ogre. Ogre appears in the last wave of the enemy, so you will have time to deal with other Creatures, then they are not distracted.

The Ogre can easily kill, firing at the archers and mages set on a small elevation, where it is well visible (“Appendix” in the upper left corner of the map). After cleaning the area, take Iron Bark and bring it to the herbalist. For a quest (collect all 3 of the ingredients) he will pay you 3 gold.

Loose Ends

Depending on to whom you are joined in the Prologue, you can get this quest in a letter dated Meirana or Atenril.


Go to the Red light district of the Upper city and talk to the elf. At the meeting, she will say that Price, its a messenger, may be ambushed by competitors. If you agree to price and return the goods intact in the presence of avelin or Carver, it will earn them points competition.

Night in the Port you first thing you will stumble on a group of criminals pursuing price. This is a pretty serious battle with three waves of enemies consisting of soldiers and archers, the most serious of which is the killer, appearing in the second wave.

Deal with them, talk to the kid, you’ll be able to pick up the value Atenril or offer a price to take advantage of them in order to establish his new life with his younger sisters. Then come back to Atenril, give her things, and if you let them boy – tell (present while varrick and Carver will give you rivalry points) or trick, saying that things were stolen (Avelino, varrick and Carver will give Friendship points), but in that and in other case awards from Adrenal you get. However, in the latter case, she will work in the future. If you return the goods Atenril, you will get Rivalry points from Avelin.


Meet Meirana in the Lower City. Meiran received the order for the murder of a Lord Harriman, but it went as expected and he fears for the lives of subordinates sent.

Go to the Port at night, where you’ll find Gustav, subordinate Meirana, who attacked the guards. Deal with them, you automatically will start a dialogue with Lord Harriman. You will have the option to kill him, and wants Meiran, or to release to the world.

If you ask the Lord Harriman, why his life scammers, and after the answer will still kill him, it will bring you Rivalry points with Avelin, Varrick and Carver (only from Avelin if you kill him without questioning).

Then go to Mairano with the report. If you spared Lord Harriman, you can admit it, and unable to lie, are unable to detect it. In this case you will get a reward for saving Gustav (Gustav wisely won’t say) and the promise of possible work in the future. If you tell the truth, Meiran do not want to have anything to do with you, but you’ll get Friendship points with Carver and Avelin.

If you kill Lord Harriman, you will get a greater reward than just for rescuing Gustav, and Meiran will promise you a job in the future.

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